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Recurring Themes in Arts in Health Research

by Bivi Franco on 01/21/17

When Feel Beautiful Today was formed, it was not formed with the extensive knowledge that Arts in Health programs bring about positive physiological, mental and emotional changes. It was created as a way to instill hope in women going through a cancer diagnosis and to remind them that they are loved and not alone. It has only been through the journey of continually bringing quality Arts in Health programs to patients across the Atlanta area’s hospitals and cancer centers that FBT has realized just how extensive the benefits are for the patients who participate in our programs. 

The knowledge we have gained experientially has been coupled with the determination to become students of the research surrounding Arts in Health. These blogs are full of the most current Arts in Health research while also exploring other various aspects of art and its role in the healthcare industry. Sometimes what is most important is found the most often. 

In the online article, “Creative Arts Beneficial to Cancer Patients,” the American Cancer Society acknowledges that “creative arts therapies significantly [reduce] anxiety, depression, and pain and [improve] the quality of life in cancer patients.” These findings are based off the study “Effects of Creative Arts Therapies on Psychological Symptoms and Quality of Life in Patients With Cancer” by TW Puetz and co-authors Morely and Herring. The claims of the American Cancer Society in this article only confirm the fact that research study after research study shows how Arts in Health programs provide physiological, emotional, and mental benefits for patients who participate. The sheer amount of research on these benefits (reduction of anxiety, depression, and pain) in particular outlines the need for programs to provide spaces and times for patients to engage in creative art activities. 

Because of the overwhelming research, FBT is dedicated to continually grow and expand, reaching more patients with effective, state of the art Arts in Health programs. What began as a small act of kindness is now a thriving nonprofit. It is a glaring example of how Arts in Health programs work, and that there is no replacement for love and compassion.

To read the American Cancer Society’s full article, follow the link below.

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