Help us to Fight Cancer With Hope


$25.00 covers the cost of providing one program to one cancer patient at an infusion center, radiation center, in-patient or out-patient area.
$250 enables FBT to provide one of our Arts in Health programs to 10 cancer patients or survivors.
$375 pays for a delivery of 15 Art Care Packages or Boxes of Love to 15 cancer patients at a local hospital. 
$1,200 covers the cost of 4 visits to one hospital which provides our Arts in Health programs to 48 cancer patients. 
My name is Jenny and here is my story...

I was on my last week of radiation when I met Bivi and her team from FBT. I told her no at first , I said to save it for another patient since I was On my last week of treatment, But Bivi insisted and wouldn’t let me leave without making a bracelet . For this , I’m eternally grateful!!! It meant so much , even being at the of my treatment, I had been through 16 chemotherapy treatments followed by 33 radiation sessions. So I was also dealing with a little bit of neuropathy, and I found that making the bracelet was making me use my fingers , and in such a positive way . Bivi got my email and phone number and had invited me to a photo session with other survivors, again I was hesitant. But Bivi assured me that I was beautiful even when I was bald. Thinking back to sitting there making that bracelet that day, I was badly burned where I was receiving my treatment, but I was so relaxed and not thinking of being in pain while making it. This is wonderful, I can only imagine being in an infusion center making a bracelet to pass the time , take you to a happy place .... this is exactly what it did for me. I’m so thankful for Bivi and this amazing organization, I have been in a couple of photo shoots , which again took me out of my comfort zone, but made me feel beautiful at a time when I didn’t feel like it . 
I was also in the fashion show with other beautiful survivors, such a gratifying experience. My hope is to volunteer with this organization and give back what was given to me . 

Since 2010, Feel Beautiful Today, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has provided Arts in Health programs to nearly 8,000 cancer patients in Georgia free-of-charge at the one of the participating hospitals and cancer centers below. All thanks to the generous support of sponsors and donors like you. 

Please consider joining our Circle of Hope and help us continue to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients like Jenny. All it takes in $25 to deliver one of our programs and improve the quality of life of a cancer patient. 

Our Goal is to Raise $30,000 by December 31, 2018 and make our programs available to 1,000 more cancer patients and survivors right here in Georgia.

Help us continue making a difference in the lives of cancer patients like Jenny.