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My name is Celest and here is my story.

In February 2012, I was attending the annual Tea Party at then, DeKalb Medical Hospital. Upon arriving the tables were beautifully set and the festivities were underway. Among the items in the centerpieces were these beautiful black and gold boxes of different shapes. As the program continued, we all were having a wonderful time. Then at one point an announcement was made that the black and gold boxes were a gift to all the survivors in the room and that each one should take a box. I was still in treatment at that time and I did not feel like a survivor yet. Wow! Stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, exquisite was what came to mind immediately as I saw each person around me open their boxes. The coordinator saw that I had not taken one and asked me why. We discussed my situation and she smiled and explained to me that as soon as I decided to fight the cancer, I became a survivor. So, I proudly took a box.  

After seeing how beautiful the gift was, all I could think about was “Why?”. Who would send such a beautiful gift to people they did not know? Feel Beautiful Today, that’s who. They accomplished what they set out to do. I felt beautiful that day and every day thereafter when I wear the bracelet. Honestly, every time I look at my bracelet and since then a necklace, that I made at one of the creative workshops with FBT, I still get that same warm feeling. The one that says we care, we love you, and you are special. While in treatment and after, it is such a comfort to know people care and are doing things to make our journey as smooth as possible. I am truly thankful for all my blessings and being a part of 'Feel Beautiful Today' is one of those blessings. 

Since that day in 2012 I have had the privilege of participating in many programs with FBT for survivors with my sisters in my support group and THAT feeling is even better. Knowing that more cancer survivors are going to experience that warm rush of love that I felt just gives me chills. Cancer is a truly difficult diagnosis and terrible disease but when I think about the beautiful gifts from FBT, I start to smile and feel that I can't stop. Other times I might cry, but they are always tears of joy and gratitude.

Thank you FBT for all you do. You and your organization are a God send.

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