Expression Through the Arts for Oncology Patients
I am always surprised with how insecure and nervous a person feels when accepting an invitation to do art. We are talking here about patients affected by cancer, who usually feel very unsure about their skills, and add to that their actual condition which has taken control of their self-esteem and confidence. They’re coping with physical changes, mental slowness due to treatments, fear and nervousness because of what might happen tomorrow, to even just enjoy a simple art project. However, I will never get tired of seeing the transformation that occurs in that patient as they get involved in the art programs after working with almost 6,000 oncology patients at 15 hospitals in GA 
and I try to lead them into inner 
manifestation of beauty. 
Arts in Health Workshops “Significance” 
for Oncology Patients

Using my mom’s journey with cancer as a foundation, this program will direct the efforts to develop positive, pure visualization, identify images and concepts that can lead the patients into art expression. This also will allow the ability to redirect thoughts away from pain and fear while taking the patient on a personal journey to see the light inside themselves, the beauty around them, the joy of creating something and the gift they can offer to the world.