LUNA is an Arts in Health program created for kids and teens by Feel Beautiful Today to meet the need for cancer patients who are often isolated and bored due to long treatments, long hospital stays, or weak immune systems to engage in a relaxing, creative activity that allows them to explore their thoughts and emotions in a safe environment, allowing the patients to participate in active and passive art. Traditional medical treatments are helping cancer patients live longer; Arts in Health programs are helping patients truly live.
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 a Cancer Patient’s 
Quality of Life
Listen to the story of LUNA
Our programs provide a voice for healing, a decrease in anxiety, a feeling of accomplishment, and the reminder that they are 
not alone.
 An upbeat tune that reminds patients to keep their head up in the
midst of difficulty. 

 A song that contemplates how regardless of what we walk through, there is beauty on the other side of brokenness.
Read the story of LUNA

Through My Window and Luna 
represent a total, encompassing program of active art and passive art techniques 
that meet the multifaceted needs a patient possesses.
As patient survival rates increase, those needs of cancer survivors that go beyond the mere alleviation of symptoms are becoming more important for oncologists, psycho-oncologists, and other oncology professionals.

More than 80% of cancer patients use some form of complementary program in conjunction with other standard medical treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Feel free to email pictures of your work to add to our gallery so other patients can see your beautiful creations!
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LUNA is an Arts in Health program created by Feel Beautiful Today to meet the needs of young cancer patients who are often isolated and left to deal with the emotional and physical impact of their diagnosis and treatment. 

Listen to the song "Never Alone"
Listen to the song "No Gonna Let It Get Me Down"
Watch Video Tutorial to Create Your Frame
Below you can listen to the story of Luna, watch the video tutorial that will help you create the beautiful frame in your package, and listen to the two original songs created for this program. 
"Never Alone" by Rachel Noel and "Not Going to Let It Get Me Down" by Tom Willner.