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Cancer Centers We Serve


The Vain & Harry Fish Foundation, INC
Workshops for Patients at Nordstrom Perimeter Mall:

We recognized that there were many patients and survivors who are interested in our programs, but may not be present in the hospital or cancer center when we visit. We’re happy to share that we will now be partnering with Nordstrom at the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta to use one of the rooms in their back office to host workshops. In this way, FBT will be able to serve more patients in our community and bring more art programs to brighten their day. As always, these programs will continue to be delivered at no cost to the patients.

Our current plan is to hold these workshops 4 times a year, open only to up to 15 patients in each session. Patients and survivors can attend at no cost, they’ll need to register to attend and it will be on a first come, first served basis. 

We’re so grateful to Nordstrom for opening their doors to our organization and joining our mission to 
fight cancer with hope through the Arts in Health programs. 
Our next Arts in Health workshop will take place April 3 at 10:30 a.m.   
​Register at: info@feelbeautifultoday.org or text 770.757.1188 for more info

FBT will hold a workshop on Wed, April 3, at Nordstrom in the Perimeter Mall. We will provide FBT’s new program, "Love Letters",it allows patients to create beautiful and meaningful cards they can share with loved ones. Engaging in activities like Love Letters provides a social and fun break for our patients.

Our Guest Speaker is: 

Mindy Strich is a certified practitioner of Integrative Energetic Medicine, Reiki and Healing Touch. She has a private practice in Roswell, GA where she has been supporting clients since 2012. Mindy is the coauthor of two books, The 28 Day Thought Diet and F*A*I*T*H* - Finding Answers in the Heart and one of only 28 graduates certified by Dr. Lissa Rankin to teach The Six Steps of Healing based on her N.Y. Times Best Seller, Mind Over Medicine. She graduated from The Whitewinds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine in 2011. Her talks, workshops and healing clinics have educated people on the profound benefits of biofield therapy.