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Workshops With Patients really is the crux of Feel Beautiful Today. While we offer programs that provide creative activities for patients to engage on their own and a program for the community to get involved, Workshops With Patients is a program that allows us to bring our form of healing directly to the patients at infusion centers, radiation centers, in-patient areas, out-patient areas, and cancer support groups. What started as a handful of partnerships with local hospitals in the Atlanta area has grown to a network of 15 beneficiaries-in-kind. Some of those partners include American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, The Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence at Grady, Northside Cancer Institute, Cancer Wellness at Piedmont, and The Winship Cancer Institute at Emory. 

There is an incredible amount of work and planning that goes into bringing this program to patients. All the beads that compose each bracelet waiting to be made must be sorted and correctly labeled. A host of other supplies needed for the program must be counted and packed, so when the patients sit down to make their own bracelet and paint a decorated box, they have everything they need and can enjoy themselves. This is the hidden but oh-so-necessary part of the program that no one sees but makes the experience that patients have a fulfilling one. 

When Biviana Franco and the other trained workshop facilitators show up, their main priority is to serve the patients and make them feel as comfortable and treasured as possible. Every volunteer that participates in bringing this program is specially trained and ready to respond to whatever needs the patients might have as a result of treatments. This program is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of cancer patients and allows them to participate at whatever level is comfortable. 

What research is showing more and more is that patients who participate in art programs during their illness experience relaxation during the activity, lower levels of anxiety, and an increased good mood. It allows them to escape the reality of cancer in a healthy way and provides a space for community with other cancer patients. We offer this program to in-patient and out-patient facilities, radiation units, and support groups. For us, to see the physical transformation on patients’ faces and in their body language speaks volumes to how powerful Arts in Health programs can be. As Feel Beautiful Today’s founder Biviana Franco states, “As long as there is a need for patients to experience healing through art, that is where we will be”, and as an organization we cannot wait to bring this program to more patients.