"I was diagnosed with lung cancer in January. Today I finished chemo. I received a bracelet you call beautiful. I want to thank you with all my heart for the love you've shown me. This is a hard journey but the love, encouragement and help I've received is tremendous. Thanks again. I will cherish the memory forever."
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 and 1998. I know from my own experience with cancer, the ministry of your organization will make a positive affect on many lives."

"Thank you just isn't enough. After surgery 12/10/12 I received the most beautiful work of art from a Nurse Navigator. The bracelet is gorgeous, but someone taking the time to craft this colorful jewelry to lift my spirits warmed my heart. The gift is priceless and means more to me than you will ever know. Thank You."
"...I was scared of how things were going to be, after my surgery. When the Nurse Navigator gave me the bracelet, it arrived at the same time I had just prayed to God to help me feel beautiful again…. And….there was the “Feel Beautiful Today bracelet” being placed on my arm. Thank you for making me feel beautiful again." 

"...We had our annual tea party (my first). In a word the evening was 'wonderful'. I must tell you that the icing on the cake was the beautiful bracelet I received from your organization. I can't tell you how great it felt to receive such a special gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and am so grateful for your organization."
"I was so touched by the beautiful bracelet given to me by one of the volunteers at Emory Winship Cancer clinic. I was there this past Wednesday for my FINAL chemo treatment for ovarian cancer. I love jewelry and the bracelet is lovely. The thought that someone would give me this gift was so touching. And the best part of all was the bible verse from Philippians..." 
"...I wish you could have seen the smiles of joy, happiness and gratitude on the faces of the patients, as well as mine, when she presented us with the absolutely stunning, more than beautiful bracelets. You are such a wonderful organization to bring this grea joy to so many. Blessings to all of you in your endeavor. And many, many thanks!"
 "..I just love the bracelet and attached prayer box. It is so beautiful and I will cherish it always as it will signify to me that the Lord is always with me even when I'm going through trials. It was such a wonderful gift from such a wonderful organization and giving volunteers."
"..The nurse navigator came into the room to talk with us; and at the end of her talk, she presented the most beautiful bracelet. It was such a touching moment and such a blessing to both of us. My husband and I both began to cry. We have a great faith in God and his will in our lives. This symbol of his love through your gift and message means so much! ..."
"This was a wonderful experience, keep lifting our spirits!"

"This program is great! 
It helped me get my mind of the chemo."

Thank you so much!!! 
"Thank you for caring.
This was a blessing!"

"This was an enlightening and most thoughtful.
I enjoyed the experience.
Thank you so much for this precious moment."
"This was a wonderful experience. Gentle and kind were the instructors.
This made me want to cry from the love I felt."

"Thank you so much for doing this program. It was very encouraging and made me feel "special".
"My day started hectic, but making this bracelet made my day!"
"Awesome experience with my daughter who is undergoing treatment. 
Thank you!"
"This program provides a great relief from the stress of treatment!"
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Words of Hope
"I found beauty and peace in my experience today. Thanks for sharing and whisking me away during my difficult chemo day.” 

"I felt relaxed and not pressured. It was very enjoyable to sit and chat and make something at a relaxing pace.”